12-1-17: The Select Committee for School Finance Recalibration added computer science to the common core of skills 21-9-101(b)(iii)(C) will read: (C) Computer science, including computational thinking and computer applications. 


11-14-17: Good news from the Casper Joint Education Committee (JEC) meeting. The JEC passed the Computer Science (CS) bill with the following amendments.

  • Computational thinking will replace keyboarding in the common core of skills instead of having its own line item. 
  • The changes related to the trust fund were removed from the bill and a letter will be sent to the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) from the co-chairs of JEC asking for CS prioritization when funding applications. 
  • The date for the promulgation of Computer Science standards was moved from 2019-2020, which is more realistic in how fast that work can be accomplished.

The JEC DID NOT remove computer science from the common core of knowledge. This means districts would be required to offer computer science education. This bill is now set to move forward for the full legislature to consider in February 2018. The Select Committee for School Finance Recalibration will consider their separate bill when they meet at the end of November 2017. 

Developing a skilled workforce pipeline prepared to meet the needs of a technology driven economy relies heavily on the K-12 education system to prepare students with the knowledge and skills found in computer science and computational thinking. The WDE, in coordination with multiple partners, put together a task force to create a long-term plan to meet the goal of providing computer science education for students throughout Wyoming.


Computer Science by the numbers:


  • 73% of new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs will be in computer occupations between now and 2024, but only 8% of college graduates currently receive degrees in computer science.
  • 1.1 million projected unfilled programming jobs by 2022.
  • There are currently 500,000 computing related job openings in the US. These jobs are in every industry, every state, and are projected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs.
  • 93% of parents want their student learning computer science, but most schools do not offer it.


Superintendent Balow's October 12, 2017 letter was sent to the Select Committee for School Finance Recalibration.  


Reach out to the members of the committee, or your own state legislators (Senate and House).


Wyoming Computer Science (CS) Education Initiatives